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4/5/08 12:42 am - Stevie (2003)

I watched Stevie yesterday. It's hard to review because Stevie is a pretty unlikeable character. He is a developmentally delayed man who is accused of child molestation. The problem I have I guess is that he isn't delayed enough to feel pity for, and he knows right from wrong. He seems a little more white trash and uneducated if you ask me. They also don't go into the child molestation case enough, so you can't really get into that part either. It needed to focus on one point and go with it. It also seemed like the director was "exploiting" Stevie to make a film, but Stevie isn't even interesting enough to exploit. I give it 3/5 because I enjoy movies like this but there is a lot to be desired.

4/5/08 12:40 am

 I've decided to start using this to keep track of the documentaries I have seen. I watch a lot of them and my OCD makes me keep a list. I guess I'll do it here instead of a notebook!

3/20/08 06:07 pm

 What a lucky day I am having! I found money in my yard.

3/19/08 12:38 am - Documentaries

Well hello! Man I love documentaries. If I am not careful I will spend all day watching or finding great ones. This week alone I have watched at least 3 and its only Tuesday! These included one called Camp Out about a Christian gay camp for teens. Crazy! In other news, I really should be studying. Sigh.
HOLY SHIT! I just realized I haven't touched this in TWO years!

I'm having an insomnia issue right now, thus I am bringing this silly thing back to life. I have another blog (mostly about babies) at www.kayceeandruss.com but this is just for random stuff. I had a wonderful, wonderful spring break in Okeechobee and I am back to the ole' real world again. 

Oh, on another note. I think its fucking HILARIOUS that some GLBT people are for Hillary! Probably just because she is a woman. Hello! Are they not aware that Obama is for civil rights? Better than nothing. Hillary won't take a stance on anything. Geez....

3/28/06 09:40 pm - sushi

I had sushi for the first time today. YUCK.

3/26/06 09:49 pm - american hisotry x/ sea monkeys

I *tried* to watch American History X. Didnt happen.

In other news, I want sea monkeys.

3/25/06 01:35 pm - Ma Vie En Rose

I do not know how I went so long without seeing this adorable film! It won the Golden Globe in 1998 for best foreign film. It's a story of a 7 year old boy named Ludovic who is convinced he is really a girl. Watch it!!!

3/24/06 09:58 pm - A little more art....

Speaking of art, here are a few more of my favorite controversial artists.





3/24/06 09:52 pm - What is art?

My most recent amazon.com purchase was The Photo Book by Phaidon Press. I basically bought it to cut up for my journal, but I have a learned a few things. I think this one artist, Sally Mann, is incredible. She has very controversial art consisting of almost nude photos of her own prepubescent children. So, is it art? I think it is incredible and beautiful but would someone else take it as vulgar?

3/21/06 12:13 pm - eff your mom

Being an adult means realizing you don't have to like someone and they don't have to like you.

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