Kaycee (ariadnejokasta) wrote,


Well hello! Man I love documentaries. If I am not careful I will spend all day watching or finding great ones. This week alone I have watched at least 3 and its only Tuesday! These included one called Camp Out about a Christian gay camp for teens. Crazy! In other news, I really should be studying. Sigh.
HOLY SHIT! I just realized I haven't touched this in TWO years!

I'm having an insomnia issue right now, thus I am bringing this silly thing back to life. I have another blog (mostly about babies) at www.kayceeandruss.com but this is just for random stuff. I had a wonderful, wonderful spring break in Okeechobee and I am back to the ole' real world again. 

Oh, on another note. I think its fucking HILARIOUS that some GLBT people are for Hillary! Probably just because she is a woman. Hello! Are they not aware that Obama is for civil rights? Better than nothing. Hillary won't take a stance on anything. Geez....

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