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K to the Mother F**kin' C

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3/20/06 12:25 pm - I <3 JTT

When my hair starts growing out, I look like Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

3/18/06 05:05 pm - Prozac Nation/ Inga Muscio

All I can say is wow. This movie actually made me cry.

On another note:

Inga Muscio's much anticipated sequel to Cunt: A declaration of independence, has arrived! Of course it is bought and currently being read!

3/16/06 11:32 am - Sorry, Zax-not on the Weight Watchers diet....

I just smelled something random and it made me want Zaxby's SO bad. God, I hate dieting. 

3/15/06 04:17 pm - vayna sausages

Debra Lookabill is my hero.

3/14/06 08:49 am - sticking it to the (wo)man

Dorothy: Now look, all this nonsense has to stop, Rose. What we saw was not a UFO.

Rose: Well, it wasn't a plane. Planes aren't that thin, or that bright.

Dorothy: Neither is Oprah Winfrey, but that doesn't make her a flying saucer.

3/13/06 12:47 pm - Lean Cuisines- not just for tubbos anymore!

I swear. Lean Cuisines are so good I would eat them even if I wasn't fat.

3/12/06 11:44 pm

It’s been a while since I have updated. This has been a shitty week. And on top of that, The L Word has been fucking depressing.

Poor Dana.

I feel like throwing up.

I’m sure I will never see Erin Daniels as anyone but Dana.


I guess on a more positive note, I am apologizing to Jason Mraz. I used to hate the man. I always said that if I saw him on the street I would punch him in the face. But this new innuendo-filled song of his “Geek in the Pink” is too cute and catchy to not to hate to love!



Oh! And Hoopz just won Flavor of Love! Damn I am getting good at these reality shows! I really should be betting money! Hoopz was the girl I picked in the very beginning!

3/12/06 11:37 pm

My day is shot to all hell. Apparently, everyone was freaking out this morning because they couldnt find me. Now I feel terrible. It's 3pm and I cant wait till 5.

On a good note, im looking for a house to buy. I cant decide whether or not I want to live in Quincy though. Its between having no life here in Quincy or having to drive 50 miles everyday to/from work. Gas is expensive!

Oh, americas next top model start this week! Although my girl didnt win last season (like the 3 i chose before her!!!) she was in the top 5! So this season, Im torn between the firey red head Mollie Sue and the exotic black beauty Jade. So, ill think it over!

8/26/05 12:27 pm

Well hello friends!

Wow. This summer has been a busy one. But its finally over! I wanted to update before I started working at the Gadsden Co. Health Department (http://www.gadsdenhealth.org/) here in the Fall. But here are a few updates...

I got a new car! And I LOVE it! (See picture #1)

I finally got to see Dave Matthews in concert and OH MY GOD IT WAS MORE AMAZING THAN WORDS COULD DESCRIBE.

As any friend of mine knows, before the show begins, I have chosen my pick for the next America's Next Top Model for the past three seasons and everytime I HAVE BEEN RIGHT. Its pretty freaky. So, as imagined, I am trying again this time. My new pick is Kim. (see picture #2)

Well, thats it for now. Life is great. Good Luck AGD in Rush. Oh, and hey Megan!!!


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5/31/05 11:25 pm - San Francisco 5/3/05-5/10/05

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